RE/MAX Online Advertising

In addition to building brand awareness and touting the benefits of using RE/MAX agents, the messages of the national advertising campaign also encourage viewers to visit

With an average of more than 2.5 million unique visits per month, is consistently ranked among the most visited real estate brokerage Web sites.

This online presence has direct influence on the exposure of RE/MAX listings.

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reach millions of customers, appearing during top-rated shows on major broadcast networks and more than 20 cable channels.

RE/MAX also regularly receives added value as part of its TV sponsorships with "billboards" that announce the RE/MAX sponsorship of a program, and an integrated presence in the shows themselves.



RE/MAX Radio Advertising
In 2009, the RE/MAX sponsorship of Westwood One radio programming includes coverage of the NFL and the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. In addition to RE/MAX commercials, the NFL and NCAA broadcasts included announcers mentioning the "RE/MAX Play of the Game" and the "RE/MAX Broadcast Booth."

                  The United States radio campaign will generate millions of impressions among our target audience.